About the Logo


So what’s the deal with the pig logo?

When I set out to apply a branding style to my services as a graphic designer / illustrator / etc., I wanted to create something unique and representative of who I am. My family and friends know that I have a fun and quirky sense of humor. For instance if one of my daughters ask me for an idea to draw, something very random is going to come out of my mouth, like “Draw a uni-cycling robot chicken delivering pizza”.

I wanted to incorporate something fun into my own brand, but was having a heck of a time thinking of an idea. It’s funny…I’ve worked on countless logo and branding projects and can instantly see visuals and ideas in my head for my many clients. However when it came to applying a brand to myself, I found myself with artists-block.

Then something hit me…I also own pigs as pets. Yes…yes…get your bacon jokes out of the way…I’ve heard them all. Honestly I enjoy the pigs we have as pets as they are one of the smartest animals on the planet and can be a lot of fun. Would it be possible for me to somehow incorporate a pig into my own personal branding…and still communicate that I offer design and creative services?

Well as they say, behind every good man is a better woman. When I told my wife my idea of a potential pig logo, she said “how about an origami pig?”. As soon as she spoke those words, I saw it in my head. Geometric. Clean lines. Scalable. Simple. Fun…and different! A logo and brand represented by an origami pig was perfect!

So there you have it. It is my hope that my logo will project to my clients not only my style as a designer, but also my personality as well. Visual…creative…organized…professional…and a little bit crazy.