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An Illustration Tribute to My Late Aunt Betty

My Aunt Betty passed away last night (she was 75 years old).

I will remember her fondly for her strong moral, Catholic and political beliefs. When giving religious lessons to my brother, Cousin and I, she drilled home such terminology as “chili con carne” to remember the incarnation (God “con carne” or God in the flesh…when God became man). The three of us also looked forward to salesmen coming door to door soliciting unwanted products so she could give them an earful once the doorbell rang. Whether you agreed with her or not, you always admired that she was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in.

Her claim to fame in my mind was being known as the “lone protester” on a local news story in the late 1980s. The mass transit train system known as the Light Rail was being installed throughout the Baltimore metro area…one of which was my Aunt Betty’s home community. Some people were not happy with the arrival of the train due to the noise and fear it would bring increased crime to the area. While many complained amongst themselves, my Aunt Betty was the only one to go out and protest when the Light Rail made its debut ride through town. She stood there alone with a sign that said “No Light Rail”, and when the train passed by, the reporters quickly turned their attention from the politicians that were riding aboard to my Aunt. They leapt off the train, interviewed her, and that evening she was featured on the evening news.

Rest in peace, Aunt Betty…you will be remembered fondly and never forgotten.

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