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Beware Advertising and the Pregnant Wife

This is an old journal entry I authored when my wife was pregnant back in 2008. I thought I would share…

I have come to pride myself in being able to avoid the strong influence of most forms of advertising in one way or another. When a commercial is shown on the TV in my home, I usually pay no attention. My wife, who is pregnant with our second child, is a different story…

I spend most of my nights hanging out with my wife and daughter during the evenings and usually the TV is on with some type of wholesome family show (more often than not it is Wheel of Fortune). The only time I pay attention to the ads running on the television is when they are for some type of Apple iphone / mac promotion, as I love their style of advertising. So needless to say, the advertisers are not drawing my interest or persuading my buying decision.

I have come to realize however, that as long as there are pregnant women in the world, advertising will continue to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Case in point . . . last night my family was gathered in the living room for some together time. I did not realize it, but a Pizza Hut commercial started running showing the various types of hot, cheesy, topping-covered, greasy pizza that you can order for a late-night craving. My pregnant wife saw and was drawn-in by this commercial.

Within the next 20 minutes I found myself standing in a nearly-vacated Pizza Hut picking up an order my wife had placed online for a personal pan pizza. I wonder how many other husbands last night found themselves making a craving-run last night to satisfy their pregnant wives? While I am sure that pregnant women are not the only ones swayed into making split-second decisions by advertisements run on television, I am sure they make up a significant percentage of converted sales!

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