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College Website Easier to Navigate

The Northern Virginia Daily reached out to me to conduct a short interview regarding the launch of the new Lord Fairfax Community College website…a project I managed and served as lead designer and consultant for. Here is the full interview:

College website easier to navigate

By Josette Keelor

Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown has announced a new website that allows a more user-friendly experience for students and staff.

The website, launched on Dec. 30, 2014, includes accessible pull-down menus, information on school events and greater use on mobile devices, all things that the school’s graphic designer and digital media specialist Aaron Riddle said will make the site easier to navigate.

“They don’t have to click around from page to page to page,” he said.

But one of his favorite parts of the new site is that college employees can update information through the school’s new WordPress software without having to wait for him to do it instead. It’s a speedier process that gives everyone ownership over the site.

An employee with the school since 2005, he said the former website launched in 2008 but quickly became out of date as the prevalence of mobile devices gave students, teachers and other staff reason to integrate the site more fully into their lives.

The new mobile version of the website offers a responsive design of a Web page that looks the same no matter how big or small the Web browser is, and does not require users to download an application to view it.

The main page shows the three soonest upcoming school events, with a link that leads users to a calendar of other important dates.

Many of the changes to the site came in response to feedback from students, teachers and staff.

“This was something we really needed to do,” Riddle said.

In addition to meeting the needs of current users, he said the new site design also allows for easier changes to the site in the future.

“We’re easily going to be able to explore that and add it on to the site,” Riddle said. “There’s a lot of potential for future upgrades, so that’s exciting for us.”

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