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Copy and Paste, Never Re-Type

I have a rule as a graphic designer. I am happy to design any publication for any type of client for whatever reason. I am flexible on color scheme, image usage and design treatment. Basically there is nothing I won’t work with a client on if there is a problem. However, I will absolutely never re-type text for any type of design.  Here’s why….

Complete Electronic Text 

A client is supposed to provide the designer with electronic text as finalized as possible. Sure, there is bound to be a grammatical mistake or two, but the text for the most part should be finalized and complete. However there are many times I am given text by a client or writer that has no heading, no sub-heads or no call to action. I have made it my policy to always request additional text from the client. If they provide me the text, I can simply copy and paste it into any layout or design program of my choosing.

A Real-World Example 

I learn from my mistakes, and I didn’t always apply the copy and paste methodology. One job that I was the lead designer for was a cover page for a schedule of classes. The client did not provide me with any heading to use for the cover page, so I simply typed in their business’ name into the Photoshop template: Workforce Professionals (this name is fictional for the purpose of this blog)

However there was one problem. I left out the “K”! The cover page read “Worforce Professionals” and was proofed by myself, the project coordinator, the client and others. Each of us missed this glaring error. It wasn’t until the entire schedule was on press at the printing vendor when our customer service representative called and informed me he had noticed the error. Luckily they had caught it just in time.

Lessons Learned

While dozens of eyes missed this error, it could have been prevented if I had requested text from the client in which I could have simply copied and pasted into the Photoshop file. Even if the error would have still been present, it would have alleviate the blame from myself as the designer.

Therefore copy and paste text…never re-type. Make it part of your designer’s bible.

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