Logo Design Package

My Logo Design Package Includes:

Design Briefing

logo-briefingI will interview you via phone or send you an online questionnaire (your choice). This will allow me to learn more about you, your business, your competitors and what you are looking to achieve through your logo.


logo-researchUsing information I have gathered from the interview, I will research your company and the field your business or product falls under. I want to fully understand what your target customer is looking for which I can then translate to a successful logo and/or branding theme for you.

Ideas and Sketches

logo-ideasDuring this phase, my ideas will be put to paper. Sketches and concepts will be fleshed out based on my interview with you and research. These sketches will be done in my personal sketchbook which will allow me to then present some polished concepts to you.


logo-compsYou will be presented with 6-8 logo concepts in black and white format that I have fleshed out. You can then choose one concept for me to further explore with color and alterations you may have. This concept will be further refined until you have a final logo choice.

Final Files

logo-finalfilesThe final chosen logo will be provided in a variety of formats including EPS (vector art), JPEG and PNG. Color, black and white, and reversed versions of the logo will be included for each file format.


logo-rightsYou will own all rights and usage to the logo upon full payment. I do request the right to display the logo in my personal portfolio, websites and social media platforms to advertise my services.

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