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A. McHenry Photography Logo

Angie McHenry, A. McHenry Photography

I’m not sure I have the words in my vocabulary to describe how impressed I am with Aaron Riddle, the talent behind ACR Creative. I asked him if he could deign a logo for my business that was very complex and specific and he absolutely blew me away. I am not the easiest person to work for due to being extremely indecisive and Aaron listened, understood and never seemed annoyed with me. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the exact right person for the job. Anyone interested in top of the line branding for their business should give Aaron a call, I am so glad I did.

Angie McHenry, A. McHenry Photography

I was contacted by a photographer in North Carolina who was interested in rebranding her photography business. This was her current / old logo she had been using:

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.05.34 PM

She stated that she wanted her logo to incorporate an owl, clover and celtic imagery / design. While at first I had some hesitation about including all of these elements thinking it would be too busy for an effective logo, the client had some very important reasoning for incorporating the owl/clover/celtic design into her brand. In her words:

“My dad taught me how to spot owls in the treetops when I was a kid. In the fall, if you were lucky and really looked, you might see one in the top of a bare tree alongside the highway. At least you could in Western NY in the 80’s. My dad has had a huge influence on the direction I took my life after college. He passed from pancreatic cancer before I finished my associates degree. After his passing I took time to really reflect on who he was and what I could learn from him. He was an artistic man who loved and played music, he was an outdoorsman who loved and valued nature, he was the battalion chief for the Niagara Falls Fire Department for 20 years, he loved his job and had an amazing work ethic, he was loyal and was everyone’s friend, he was always there if you needed him, he wasn’t afraid to speak up for what was right and he loved his family with his whole heart. After college I had planned to pursue a career that would be lucrative but my heart wasn’t completely in it. Photography for years had been something I did on the side but it was my true passion. My old logo was very special as it was a little 3 leaf clover to represent my dad’s Irish heritage and his old fire chief helmet from his volunteer days in our home town. He wore two 3 leaf clovers on that helmet. In having this new logo created I knew I wanted to keep the 3 leaf clover but I knew I needed an owl. To me the owl represents my dad’s voice telling me to seek out the beauty in the world.”

Her description perfectly sums up the meaning and specialness of this new logo. I am glad that I was able to deliver something that will not only help her business, but also has a very special meaning behind it as well.



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