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Data Matrix Solutions Logo

“No Riddle Here! Quality service, easy to work with and results driven. A real diamond in the rough resource.”

Ralph Buchanan, Data Matrix Solutions, Inc.

Data Matrix Solutions, Inc. (DMS) is a professional services firm offering business, financial, scientific, and engineering solutions to a variety of governmental agencies. As part of a larger re-branding contract agreement, I was tasked with the redesign of their current logo.

As you can see, their old logo was quite out-dated:


DMS informed me that they wanted to take their brand to the next level. To quote one member of DMS, their current logo and publication materials were “just not cutting it”. I informed them that their whole essence as a business and brand starts with a logo . . . something that is powerful and makes who they are and what they do instantly recognizable.

The Old Logo and Initial Concepts

When speaking with representatives of DMS, I learned that there was a hidden meaning behind the basic symbols used in their current logo. The main mission of DMS is to take problems or data, create a process to handle it and implement a solution through one of their provided services. Within the old logo, the square was a symbol of data, the diamond was a symbol for a matrix and the “sphere” was a symbol for the resulting solution.

Upon learning of this hidden meaning behind the current logo, I presented a few initial concepts to DMS, which are shown below:


During our next consultation meeting, we agreed that the company had to move away from integrating the symbols as part of their logo and overall brand. To the external audience, the symbols were simply three basic shapes with no meaning unless they are told the story behind them (as I indicated above). Therefore, it was agreed that I would head back to the drawing board to re-conceptualize the logo.

The Matrix Solution

While drafting the next round of logo designs, I felt that the main focus of the DMS company name was “matrix”. They create a “matrix” of processes to solve problems. To me this needed to be the heart of the company’s logo and brand.

In order to transfer the word matrix into some type of graphic or symbol, I consulted the dictionary. A “matrix” is defined as “a rectangular array of elements, arranged in rows and columns, that may be manipulated according to the rules of matrix algebra.”

My thought process lead to the creation of this next batch of logo concepts, which I presented to the DMS representatives:


A Final Choice

DMS selected the second option of the above batch to represent their company. They were very fond of the matrix symbol and circular, orbital treatment to give the logo a technological essence. I performed a final few tweaks to the logo and the final result was this:



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