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Dave Urso Leadership Coach Logo


Dave Urso, Leadership Coach

Aaron is a strong artist with solid vision and a keen eye for details. His work ethic was clear – high quality, quick turn around, and responsive to my ideas and requests.

Dave Urso, Leadership Coach

A former co-worker of mine, Dave Urso, emailed me asking for some help with his personal re-branding. Dave serves as a leadership / life / business coach for a wide-variety of clients. While he had no previous branding to work off of, Dave did give me the following description about his thoughts and beliefs regarding his approach to business:

My programs and services are based on four guiding values:

  1. Every product, program, and deliverable is a sign of EXCELLENCE and pride.

  2. In lieu of cookie cutter templates, advice is centered on being fresh and offering  INNOVATION.

  3. Interactions are tended to in the hopes of instilling INSPIRATION.

  4. All efforts are a customized PARTNERSHIP intended to move a specific community forward towards a goal.

Dave also gave me the tagline of “Ignite the Extraordinary” to work with as well. Taking this information and what I knew about Dave and his leadership style from previous interactions, I developed a set of logo comps. When I thought of Dave’s vision and tagline, I kept coming back to the visual of someone excited to be a leader. Extraordinary means special and full of excitement to me…and the visual of someone raising their arms into the air really conveys that. A secondary visual I have is the exclamation point punctuation mark. A third, based off of the word “ignite” in the tagline, would come in the form of a candle…a traditional method of “lighting the way” for others to see.






After a few back and forth rounds of some minor tweaking with the font and candle shape, Dave decided on the candle version and we were good to go. I provided him with the following branding information to use going forward on all of his marketing and promotional material.




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