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Agriculture Safety Day Illustration

Kerry Nobis, API Source

Aaron has proven to be an asset across the board. From concept, to illustration, to final piece, he is efficient, on-time and produces high quality work.

Kerry Nobis, API Source

I was contracted by Kerry Nobis of API Source to produce an illustration for a t-shirt. The theme was farm safety and the shirts are handed out every year during the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.  I was instructed to begin by providing two to three concept sketches for the client to review. Below are the initial sketches I submitted:

08-rid-025_progagday_sketch2 08-rid-025_progagday_sketch1

The client was pleased with this initial batch of sketches, but decided to use their already established mascots within the illustration (Safety Spot and First Aid Kit). I was told that I had creative freedom to draw the mascots in my own style, but should feature them in a colorful, fun-filled scene reminiscent of the famous painting “American Gothic“.


Here is my provided sketch:


Final colorized illustration:

08-RID-025_progagday_shirt_final 2

The client was pleased with this result, and the sketch was digitized, colorized and formatted for printing on t-shirts. This is one of my favorite illustration projects in recent memory. Not only do I love cartooning, but I always enjoy illustrating cartoon animals when given the opportunity.

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