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Sasquatch Mascot Illustration

This project was a lot of fun. I really enjoy illustration work, especially when it involves unique characters!

Rachel of Climbing Soleful, a rock climbing shoe repair company, contacted me and asked me to help her design a mascot to help promote her business. Her only requirements were that she wanted the character to be a Sasquatch / Bigfoot / Yeti type of character, be really furry, but not too cute or too aggressive / scary….oh, and have a shoe on that needed repair.

As I was on the phone with Rachel, my mind immediately went to work and I started to get a vision of the character in my head. I provided these initial sketches:



Rachel and I both agreed we like my first initial character concept. With a few little tweaks, I refined him a little more to resemble more of a rock climber, than a hiker:


After that, I digitized and colored the big hairy guy:


Aside from a few color tweaks and the addition of a shirt, the Sasquatch was ready to role and get to work helping Rachel promote Climbing Soulful!


Update March 23, 2015: Climbing Soleful is giving away a free t-shirt to the person who is able to give this guy a name! Enter your name here on their Facebook page.

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