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Whelan’s Games Logo

A friend of mine, John Whelan, creates and conceptualizes board games in his spare time, which he hand crafts and sells to the local marketplace. He needed a logo created to help identify his board games, so he asked for my help back when I was in college. I created this logo for him around 2002:


Yeesh…it’s hard for me to even look at that old work of mine.

It had been years since we last worked together (I got married…moved to Virginia…bought a home…had kids) so it was quite a delight to hear from John earlier this year. He was planning to resurrect his board game creations and wanted my design help. Naturally I agreed, and the first thing I decided to help him with was to update his logo. I kept the same concept I created from 2002, but gave it a more polished update (the new version you see at the top).


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