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Three Problems with Free or Cheap Logos

The other day while perusing my daily RSS feeds, I came across this site promoting free logos: After spraying my drink all over my computer screen in disbelief, I felt the need as a professional graphic designer to author a post in regards to “free” or “cheap” logos.

Following are my main reasons of why Web sites of this type do nothing to help the various clients out there in need of logos:

1. Logo design is more than a pretty picture. When a client hires me to create a logo, they are not paying for only a visually striking design. They are contracting me for a process involving problem solving, branding and the creation of the business’ visual identity. When a company broaches me for a logo design project with nothing but their business name and a few rough ideas, it is my job to guide them through the process of creating a mark or symbol that visually elicits the mission and purpose of their business.

2. You get what you pay for. While in a tattoo parlor, I saw a sign that read “Great tattoos aren’t cheap. Cheap tattoos aren’t great.” This to-the-point quote applies to logo design as well. I understand the need for cost-effective planning, especially in regards to the current state of the economy. However, it must be understood that if you are looking for a “budget” logo design, then the quality of work that will be delivered will be that…low-value.

3. Your company will suffer in the long run. Irrelevant and cheap “cookie cutter” logos will do no good in establishing your brand and identity as a business. While your business brand encompasses so many things (your treatment of your customers, your mission, your philosophy), it is up to that logo to communicate that overall brand to your customers. When a customer sees your logo, thoughts of what your business is all about should come to mind. Do you really want to base your business’ philosophy around a generic logo downloaded from a free site or from a logo designed through a contest for a cheap price?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have if you are searching for a logo designer, or have questions on logo design in general. Please feel free to contact me directly.

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